History of Pyramid Engineering Services

A short history of Pyramid Engineering Services

Pyramid Engineering Services was founded in 1989. Since then the company has become known for their commitment to ongoing research and development, cutting edge designs and a number of "world-firsts"!

Our History

From a small start in 1989, Pyramid has survived the ups and downs of the technology industry and continues to be the "go to supplier" for bespoke laser systems
1989 - Pyramid Engineering Services is founded

Pyramid Engineering Services started with a small factory in Peckham. A group of ex-SLEE engineers continued support for SLEE equipment, with a vision to design and deliver the most advanced technology in welding equipment.

1990 - First system installed

First system installed abroad in Russia HPS seam sealer system.

1993 - First laser system designed

First laser system was designed and manufactured.

1996 - Pyramid expands

Pyramid expanded into two factories, employing over 50 staff. This coincided with the rise of the large optical component businesses:

  • Nortel Networks Plc, in Paignton, Harlow, Ottawa Canada
  • HP (Agilent Technologies Ltd) Ipswich, Singapore, Chang Mai Thailand
  • Alcatel Greenwich, Nozay , Lanion, Marcoussis France.

Pyramid also supplied sub-contract houses used by the above businesses, such as Fabrinet and Venture.

1998 - First laser welding system installed

First laser welding system was installed in a Chinese government institute. Pyramid was quickly established as the "go to supplier" for laser systems.

2008 to 2009 - Pyramid forced to downsize

Following the decline in technology in UK and Europe, Pyramid downsized and moved to a small factory in Erith Kent, with a small team of only six employees. The company continued to deliver the most advanced technology solutions to customers in UK, China and Russia.

2011 - Demand starts to grow

The company started to grow and expand once again, increasing to nine employees by the end of 2012.

2013 - Pyramid introduces artifical intelligence

The advancement of vision alignment aids allowed Pyramid to explore the use of AI to deliver fully automated welding systems.

2017 - Stead Holdings takes over Pyramid

The take over by the larger group Stead Holdings, enabled Pyramid to increase our capabilities and introduce 3D-design and automation.

2018 - Pyramid manufactures a worlds first!

This year saw the manufacture of the world's first fibre laser welding system with oscillating beam control, for the welding of semiconductor packages for the telecommunications industry. Manufacture of these welding systems has continued and Pyramid now has three systems in operation in the field.

2019 - Pyramid continues to expand

In 2019 Pyramid continued to expand increasing the number of employees and moving to a new purpose built facility in Rochester Kent.

2021 - Over 30 laser systems developed

Since the first laser welding system was installed in China in 1998, Pyramid has delivered and installed over 30 laser systems and resistance welding systems and is undoubtedly a leader in the field of high precision welding systems for the hermetic sealing of metal-can semiconductor and electronic packages.

Our Skills and Capabilities

Pyramid uses technically advanced equipment, manufactured to the highest standards. We promise you reliable, simple to operate solutions that will improve your quality and productivity.



From initial trials, to design and manufacture, through to install and commission.



Pyramid has a proven track record of over thirty years. You can trust us to deliver.



Pyramid can provide support in your country through our global network of partners.



Reliable components with rigorous manufacturing quality control to ensure you receive a product of the highest quality.

Our customers

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Whether you need an existing product enhanced, or a prototype to be developed Pyramid will deliver.